Thursday, October 29, 2015

Kim Boland Gonzo - Update I

Our little corner of the universe has garnered the attention of the powers that be at Pacific Press. The ultra big shots are foaming at the gills because I put their OH SO VALUABLE photos of HA up for public consumption.

We sense the input of a tabloid reporter, who has taken time out of that too busy ambulance chasing schedule to read this blog and run, breathlessly, to her superiors with tales of abuse. Screw you Kimmy. Get a set of ethics and a real job. Pfffft.

As most likely know, Ms. Boland has been criticized for her very truly ridiculous "reporting" on the Air India inquiry.

Kim Bolan
We have removed the link to Kim Boland's extensive material because we believe there is nothing redeeming in making a permanent career out of chasing ambulances and scaring Vancouverites. EVERY DAY its about criminals running this city into the ground and NEVER is there material that MIGHT positively make a change in it. WTF is the point?

If violent crime disappeared tomorrow in Vancouver Ms. Kim Boland would have NOTHING TO SAY. Whats our point? This woman is catering to people's fear as a preferred career choice. She "reports" salacious gossip, the more blood and gore in the streets and dead bodies piling up the more excited she gets. In our mind that's just sick.