Thursday, January 18, 2018

SCBCTAPS in photos - Vancouver Transit 'Cops'

We follow the good advice of others and take photos of our thinly disguised Nazi stormtroopers at work. (aka Translink 'police')

These photos were taken about 24 months ago in Burnaby.

Since we escaped without broken bones and a trip to the hospital we consider it a semi-successful encounter. What we saw was one little girl and four of SCBCTAPS's finest (@ $100,000+) standing around looking stupid. Once they noticed the fact I was taking photos, well, they were gonna find a reason to arrest me for damn bloody sure. Stanton Edward Hyde is SCBCTAPS 185.
So what was our crime against humanity this time? Well I was trespassing plus I was clearly causing a disturbance. I was not even safe outside the station.

As we say, this SCBCTAPS encounter was a relative success. A day without torture and assault from SCBCTAPS Nazi cops is a good un.

And just HOW MUCH are these useless meter maids costing? Last time I checked it was something north of $ 33 million per dopey year, and growing 10% per.