Friday, January 5, 2018

Children of Tim Hortons' billionaire co-founders 'bullies'

The children of Tim Hortons' billionaire co-founders reduced the benefits of their employees in response to the latest minimum wage increase.
Jeri Lynn Horton-Joyce, daughter of Tim Horton

Ron Joyce Jr., whose father co-founded the coffee shop chain, is opposed to the Liberal government's decision to raise the minimum wage.
He and Jeri Lynn Horton-Joyce told employees at two Tim Hortons restaurants they own in Cobourg, Ont., that as of Jan. 1, they would no longer be entitled to paid breaks, and would have to pay at least half of the cost of their dental and health benefits.

The couple said the measures were aimed at helping their company -- Ron Joyce Jr. Enterprises Ltd. -- offset the $2.40 hourly rate jump.