Thursday, March 1, 2018

Man who ate adopted pig apologizes: 'Stop sending death threats'

A B.C. man accused of killing and eating a potbellied pig he adopted is apologizing and asking the public to stop sending him death threats. The man says he never intended to kill Molly the pig, which he adopted from the BC SPCA.

Molly was one of 57 pigs nursed back to health after being seized last year from a Ladysmith, B.C. property. She was adopted in January and the SPCA said it was informed earlier this month that she had been eaten.
The Vancouver Island resident, who goes by “Austin Manson Forget” on Facebook, even went on to post images and videos of himself seasoning the pet pig before cooking her.

He said he knows that was insensitive and inappropriate. Austin's girlfriend's name is Lauren Combs.