Monday, May 21, 2018

Canadian Tire Scam Busted

A group of Canadian Tire employees in B.C. found out the hard way that petty theft from an employer is sufficient grounds to be fired, with no compensation for years of service. An internal investigation found that the long-time employees had scammed the company's customer parking reimbursement policy, which compensates customers who pay to park while they shop.
The company discovered that some of the store's cashiers were paying out janitors for parking receipts they had found in the parking lot — for an amount currently worth $2.25 at one location — over the course of a year. The group denied that they stole from the company. They said they were fired without cause and their boss Ross Saito, the Canadian Tire franchise holder, should have compensated them for length of service.

But the B.C. Employment Standards Tribunal sided with Saito, upholding a previous decision from the director of employment standards and dismissing an appeal from the group.