Saturday, June 9, 2018

Ex-lottery worker convicted of rigging system to win $14M

Eddie Tipton
A former lottery security official was found guilty of rigging a computerized game so he could win a $14 million jackpot. Prosecutors said Eddie Tipton inserted a stealth program into the computer that randomly picked the numbers then deleted it so it could not be detected. Although Tipton, 52, never got his hands on the money, he was charged with two counts of fraud.

Surveillance shows the sale of a winning Hot Lotto ticket from Dec. 23, 2010, at the QuikTrip on East 14th Street.
Tipton, of Norwalk, had been working for the Des Moines-based Multi-State Lottery Association since 2003 and was promoted to information security director in 2013. As an employee, Tipton was prohibited from playing the lottery in Iowa. He was fired after his January arrest.

Iowa prosecutors allege Tipton bought the same numbers that he had programmed into the lottery computer a month earlier.