Monday, October 4, 2021

Sanjeev Patro - Magnus Law

I am COVID-19 positive and can say with near 100% certainty it is Sanjeev Patro's doing.
Sanjeev Patro"To avoid a repeat, I expect to appear in person. Thank you"
Latest in lawyer Sanjeev Patro's bent world is a DEMAND to be present in court, something that isn't happening in B.C. courtrooms for anybody without a good reason. It is part of the effort to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

Today it's 9 deaths and 749 new positives. The day before it was 11 deaths and 813 new positives in B.C.
B.C. lawyer Sanjeev Patro thinks its fine and dandy to send unvaccinated process servers to the courthouse for no reason. (Sept 17th.) Instead of e-mail, Sanjeev Patro endangers courthouse staff, the public, and yours truly. He gives no fuk probably because the risk of death from COVID-19 doesn't apply to him.